Why Should Golfers Use Hybrid Clubs?

Hybrid clubs made an impression for their appearance over the past years. No doubt, their popularity will only continue to rise. During the Player’s Championship of 2007, Phil Mickelson won using hybrid golf clubs. Many other players on the PGA Tour are also using the hybrid type of golf clubs, which is clear indication that these clubs are popular among the most skilled players.

In 2007, a top golfing equipment brand claimed that 1/4th of the total wood sales came from hybrids. Interestingly, in 2004, only 7% of U.S. golfers carried a hybrid type of golf club. Today, it is now used by almost 1/3rd of U.S. golfers.

Why do golfers need to use hybrid type of clubs?

It’s because by using these clubs, a golfer can hit easier and there will be a higher ball trajectory. To fully understand this, a person should know more about these 2 things: the 24/38 ruling and the phenomenon of vanishing loft (a topic that remains frequently discussed among experts).

What is this 24/28 rule?

Golf club makers know this term very much. It basically means that a vast majority of golfers have the inability to hit the iron consistently within the 24-degree loft, as well as on the first 38 inches of the length. How does this happen? The phenomenon of vanishing loft is the answer to that.

Hybrid clubsWhat is this phenomenon all about? It’s about lowering down the parameters of iron clubs’ loft designs. Companies that sell golf clubs introduce new sets of items and promote the things that these new clubs could do better than the old ones. How did these companies manage to modify the club lofts and lengths into what they are right now? One main reason for that is their tendency to come up with loft designs that they think is best for the marketing department, especially given the lack of official standards about the golf club designs.

Why do hybrid clubs enable the ball to fly higher?

In using the hybrid type of golf club, the club’s CG or center of the gravity is on the farther back, unlike with other iron clubs in which the gravity is located slightly behind the club’s face. With a hybrid club, the ball can soar way up in the air. Not to mention, it is easier to hit balls using a hybrid club.

Should golfers purchase hybrid clubs?

Unless a golfer is very skillful in games where the rule of 24/38 doesn’t apply, the probable answer is yes. Even players on the PGA Tour who are not clearly bound by that 24/38 rule also use these clubs to aim for much higher shots in the air. For most golf players, the 5 iron is probably the longest among other irons that can be found in their bags. It is also advisable to replace the 3 or 4 irons with 3 or 4 hybrids because golfers cannot do proper and consistent hits with the former.

However, keep in mind that the hybrid replacements must have the same length, or at least half an inch longer, than the iron clubs that were meant to be replaced. Always replace the iron clubs with the equivalent hybrid counterpart. It’s not good seeing a ball that goes far when hit but creates a yardage gap because of only using a 4 hybrid for a 5 iron. Consider the distance that the ball will travel when using an iron club in relation to the distance that the ball will travel when using a hybrid club.

Try using hybrid clubs and see their great game-improving benefits.

4 Web Content Creation Tips to Increase Click-Through Rate

Content creation nowadays is no longer about straight writing. It is a combination of writing for the audience and for the search engines to ensure readability but still maintain high page ranking and click-through rate. How is it done? Here are four tips to guide you.

1. Publish compelling headline and meta description.

The headline should not just summarize the entire article but also say a reason why it should matter. For instance, instead of using the headline “Four Effective Tips for Bloggers” use “Four Effective Tips to Make a Blog More Lucrative.” The bloggers will know that they are the target readers because they already have a reason to continue reading.

Many content writers take headlines for granted because the entire content is the biggest factor in indexing. Actually, readers first see the headline before the content, making them judge an unread article based on the headline alone.

Content writersMeta description has already received less attention in recent years as search engines no longer consider them for page ranking. However, as they appear alongside the headline in the search engine result page, they give readers clues about what the page is all about.

The SEO articles that websites buy from content writers normally don’t have meta descriptions. Make sure that you specifically ask for them.

2. Ensure that contents are structured for easy and engaging reading.

Readers hate long bodies of texts. They are boring, confusing, and time consuming. They can’t even be scanned easily.
More content writers nowadays use tagging headlines instead of the traditional bulleted or numbered list. Tagging headlines is a content structuring strategy where the key points in the body are enumerated as subheadings or tags for the body. It divides the important sections of the article for easy reading. Readers can even scan the body and only pick the section that interests them.

3. Try clickbait for the headlines.

Clickbait is a type of web content that takes advantage of the curiosity gap of readers. This is designed to increase click-through rate rather than provide ample information to the readers to summarize the whole content. Nevertheless, more and more websites and blogs now use clickbait as they tend to get more clicks but still provide valid information in the body. The most popular website that uses clickbait is Buzzfeed.

As an example, a more traditional movie review site may use “Five Mistakes in The Avatar that Moviegoers May Have Missed” when publishing an article about the loopholes in the storyline and special effects. However, with clickbait, content writers may use the title “You Thought That The Avatar Is a Perfect Film, But Wait Until You See This.”

In the first example, the headline is straightforward and says exactly what the article is all about. In the second example, the headline is meant to exploit the readers’ curiosity rather than give a real summary. It doesn’t really say much, but most readers will still click it.

Many marketing experts argue that clickbait is a way of sensationalizing headlines without enough substance. It leaves important details out of the picture to force readers into accessing the entire page. Nevertheless, Buzzfeed has already proven that clickbait can be used but still provide substantial articles.

Specifically instruct the content writers to use clickbait on the articles that you are going to buy.

4. Encourage discussion.

Going back to Buzzfeed, the website has already mastered the art of viral marketing that they can easily encourage their readers and viewers to respond with a parody of their own work. Their articles and videos are so polarizing that they receive both supporters and haters, which is a good thing as they become a subject of discussion online.

As much as possible, buy articles that leave readers wanting more to keep the discussion going.

Proper Management during PCB Assembly

Certain components in a PCB assembly (PCBA) are sensitive to static charges. Improper handling, even at the slightest, may render the PCB defective or may create short circuits that make the electrical connections faulty. During assembly, proper handling must be practiced at all times. Proper storing and packaging of components and circuit boards must be implemented to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical overstress.

Pcb assemblyProper management contributes in maintaining the quality of assembled products, as well as of the tools, machines, and materials used during assembly work. Proper management is categorized into at least three essential divisions: handling, storing, and packaging.

Correct Handling Management

Before proceeding to the assembly house, know the dos and don’ts of handling. Once in awhile, perhaps once a week, every worker in each area of the assembly house should be given a brief refresher of the precautions being followed before, during, and after assembly work. This is to ensure that no one is at risk of being exposed to contaminants and dangerous metallic residues, while at the same time keeping the PCB assembly safe from static discharge. Here are some tips and techniques in handling PCBA:

•Always hold the board or component by the edges. Use ESD-safe gloves at all times.

•Wear a wrist strap for grounding.

•Use two heel grounders to avoid electrical shock.

•Use only lotions and hand creams specially formulated for assembly work.

Storing Printed Circuit Board Assembly

In every industry, there will always be work in progress. To maintain the effectiveness of a circuit board and its components, these works-in-progress should be stored properly. Here are some tips in storing PCBA:

•Use bags or boxes with static shielding capabilities, anti-static properties, or static dissipative to store them.

•Use racks and trays with anti-static properties in stacking finished circuit boards that are ready for packaging. Never stack items on top of the other.

Sometimes, baking is also necessary before packing the finished PCB. It is the process of removing all traces of moisture that may have accumulated during storage and even in the packaging process. However, it must be noted that the process may affect the quality of soldered components.

Packaging Management

Transportation after PCB assembly is associated with risks of electrical shock. Thus, proper packaging is important to keep the item free of any damage. ESD-safe packaging materials should be used to maintain quality. Some tips in proper packaging are as follows:

•Use only packaging materials that can keep moisture from entering the package.

•Place desiccants or silica gels to absorb any moisture that may seep through the outer packaging.

•Make sure that inner packaging is properly bundled to prevent damage due to accidental drops during transportation.

•Careful handling and transportation should be maintained to avoid causing shock to the PCB.

•Proper warnings and labels should be seen on the outer packaging so as to let the next transporter know that the product is sensitive to moisture, shock, and other environmental stressors.

•Humidity indicator can also be placed to ensure quality.

When the finished product leaves the PCB assembly house, it is hard to monitor how it is handled. So, it is very important for labels and warnings to be made visible on the box. Even though, your company has done every possible measure to ensure the quality of the product, be prepared for any returns due to mishandling and other accidents beyond the control of the company.

In cases of product returns, make sure to handle the situation in a professional manner and start the repair immediately. In addition, investigate and properly evaluate why a product was returned and what part of the process rendered it defective.

Custom Embroidered Patches or Direct Embroidery

Custom Embroidered PatchesA lot of companies use custom embroidered patches for their uniforms in order to give their employees proper distinction and identification. Most designs include a name tag and the company’s log. However, there is another option other than sewing custom-made patches onto the uniforms, which is to have the logo directly embroidered on the garment. Is there a difference between the two processes? Which one is better? Find out more in this short article.

Custom Embroidered Patches

The use of patches has been practiced for many years. They have been used in military uniforms, school uniforms, sports jackets, and a host of other varieties. This is a popular technique that is used to promote brand names and recognize a wearer. Its use and application have actually evolved over the years.

These custom embroidered patches are just embroidered pieces of fabric. Designs vary, from logos, emblems, names, and other types of symbols. These patches can be applied to any kinds of apparel, and this versatility is what makes it popular not just to businesses, organizations, clubs, and schools, but also to individuals for their personal use.

These are highly customizable and are low maintenance. They can also be easy do-it-yourself projects since you don’t have to actually worry about what garments and fabrics to use as long as they match. Sewing the patches to the garments is easy, as well. They can be sewn by hand or with the use of a machine.

There are varieties that make use of Velcro strips, especially for military uniforms and scout uniforms so they can just transfer the patches from one uniform to another, thus, saving them from spending too much on the patches.

It is easy to find manufacturers. If you don’t have a design in mind yet, they can also help you with the design since the best patch providers offer consultation with their resident graphic designers. If you will be utilizing these patches to promote your products and you don’t have the logo yet, they would be able to help you design one that will be eye-catching to your prospective customers.

For the budget-conscious, most of them offer good discount deals, especially when you purchase in bulk.

There are patches that are considered collector’s items by most avid patch collectors. Examples are patches from famous sports teams, popular organizations, important events, charity and fund raising events, and even school patches. They can be considered as keepsakes. There are patches that have interesting stories behind them and these are what interest most collectors.

In some sectors, these custom embroidered patches are considered as status symbol, think military rankings and achievements here. There are military uniforms, also, that use patches for to indicate from which country they serve. They are either sewn permanently or attached with Velcro strips.

Employees proudly wear their uniforms with patches because they feel a sense of belonging, and if they work for a popular brand name, there is also a sense of pride in wearing their colors and logo.

Direct Embroidery

This is also a popular technique but not as versatile as the custom patches. They can be hand-sewn to the garments. The direct embroidery technique is common in the restaurant, corporate, and hospitality industries. Notice that the names of the restaurants and hotels are embroidered on their staff uniforms. Notice a chef’s uniform? Their names are embroidered as well.

It is advantageous because it allows easier movement on the wearer since it is part of the garment. There is also a smoother finish compared to the patches. However, this is more expensive.

If you have budget constraints and you want more versatility and practicality, your best option are custom embroidered patches.

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