Custom Military Coins That you can Add to Your Collection

custom coinsCustom military coins are now used for different purposes. They’re used to honor and reward outstanding military men.
But, if you are a serious custom military coins collector, then here are some of the best coins that you should add to your precious collection:

1. Tickets

These rare coins are given to sailors as a ticket to major balls and events. These rare challenge coins are often up for bids online.

2. US Mint Navy Bicentennial Commemorative Coin

The US Mint Navy Bicentennial Commemorative Coin is a bronze medallion and it was released in 1975.

3. The Official Reagan Inaugural Presidential Medal

This is one of the rarest presidential medals that were minted in 1981. This bronze medal is well-crafted and features the image of President Reagan.

4. White House Emergency Operations Center Military Coin

This is a rare challenge coin that is a bit expensive. This coin was made to for the PEOC or the President’s Emergency Operations Center which is located beneath the White House East Wing. This coin is made of high quality materials. Replicas of this custom military coin are available online.

5. Blackwater Worldwide USA Challenge Coin

This challenge coin is used to honor the brave military men who served in Afghanistan. This was originally produced by the United States Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

6. Air Force Vietnam Medals

These coins were given to Vietnam War veterans. They contain the image of special medals, especially given to men and women of the United States Air Force who have fought bravely during the Vietnam War.

7. United States Air Force Shield Coin

This coin was given away to the members of the United States Air Force. This coin contains the Air Force Shield seal.

8. The Honorable Discharge Coin

This coin was created to honor United States Air Force Veterans who have bravely served the country. This coin is made entirely of silver and the back features the core values of the United States Air Force.

9. Air Force Master Sergeant Challenge Coin

This coin is given to signify the rank of Air Force Master Sergeants.

10. US Navy Golden Dragon Coin

The US Navy Golden Dragon Coin is rare and it is well crafted. It contains the image of a dragon and it has prominent yellow and blue colors.

11. Combat Medical Badge Coin

This challenge coin is given to men and women who gave medical care to military men who fought during the war.

12. Combat Infantry Man Challenge Coin

This coin is made of a special kind of alloy. It contains the seal and flag of the United States and the words “I am relentless” were engraved on the coin.

13. Army Sergeant

This military coin is given to army sergeants. These coins signify their rank and serves as a reward for a job well done.

14. Corpsman Challenge Coin

The Corpsman Challenge Coin is given to certain members of the United States Navy.

15. US Navy PBR Coin

This rare challenge coin is made of antique bronze. This coin was produced to celebrate the members of the brown water navy.

Where to Buy Custom Military Coins

You can buy military challenge coins in antique shops and even in gift shops. Some goldsmiths sell rare military coins, too. But, you can find many of these collectible items online nowadays.

Before you purchase these custom military coins, it is essential to check if they are authentic. You need to watch out for fake coins. To ensure that you buy nothing but authentic coins, it is necessary to shop in reputable websites. Be sure to check the reviews as well.

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