Three Custom Lanyard Accessories for Fussy Employees

To complete your order of custom lanyards, you can add some accessories that also make every piece look more attractive. Make your employees feel proud to wear their IDs using these accessories.

1. Badge reel

Badge reel is the newest alternative to the standard lanyard material when ordering custom lanyards. This is the perfect choice if the employees in your company need to wear IDs but don’t really want to be obvious about it.

Why is it a recommended accessory?

First, it is discreet yet absolutely stylish. Not everyone wants to be seen wearing a lanyard, especially when grabbing a coffee or snack outside. Many employees think that their fashion statement can be ruined by wearing something out of line. If forcing them to wear something fashionably atrocious can attenuate their enthusiasm at work, might as well give them something they can’t resist. Even a trendsetter surely wouldn’t mind wearing something like this.

Custom LanyardThere are badge reel designs that look like brooch and fashionable pin. A combination of plastic and metal is usually preferred, but metal round reel and metal carabiner are also stylish. If the company is on a tight budget, plastic clips and clamps are somewhat more affordable.

Second, it is durable. The cords used in badge reels are not made of fabric. IDs are secured in place even if the employee wearing it needs to move a lot. Metal badge reels are the most durable material for custom lanyards.

Third, it is perfect for promotion. A company logo and name is perfectly recognizable from a badge reel even from a far. You can even customize the size to accommodate bigger prints.

Nonetheless, there is a caveat in choosing badge reel over the standard materials for custom lanyards. A piece usually costs $1.00 and above. More complicated customization costs more than a dollar.Visit www.the-lanyard-factory. com produce only the highest quality, professional-looking customized lanyards  for companies, trade shows and organizations around the world.

2. Attachments

An attachment is the thing holding the ID in place at the end of the lanyard. It is categorized into a clip, a hook, a trigger, a ring, a carabiner, and a loop. These types have different variations as well.

The standard bulldog clip is more commonly used in primary schools. It’s more affordable a piece but it becomes loose after a while.

Custom LanyardsThe most common hooks are the plastic hook, thumb hook, oval hook, swivel J hook, and no swivel J hook. Plastic hook is the most affordable, but it’s not too durable. Oval, thumb, and no swivel J hooks are easy to use, but the most securing type is the swivel J hook. It’s a little hard to use because you have to press it really hard to open, but it secures an ID in place.

A ring like what you see in key chains is also more affordable, but it’s not a preferred attachment for corporate needs. A thumb trigger is easy to use but it also becomes loose after a while. A carabiner is patterned from the hooks used in mountain climbing, so it locks an ID in place safely.

For the most affordable attachment, you can opt for cell phone loop. It uses a thin nylon cord, but it’s not too durable. It is considered stylish and can be a decent choice for desk employees. It is not a practical choice though for employees who have to move around a lot.

There are manufacturers of custom lanyards that also offer multiple attachments for employees who need multiple IDs and access cards. You can also ask the manufacturer to use customized attachments, but they might require a huge minimum order.You can find best affordable manufacturers and online delivery solution  by visiting site

3. Logo clips

Instead of printing the company logo on the fabric, you can choose to put it on a logo clip that will be attached to the lanyard. The lanyard will look more attractive, but of course the price will also be higher.

Why It is Important to Have Logo Lanyards

Out of the many items being sold in the market, the lanyard is one of those gaining popularity nowadays. After all, the said product has a very important role to play, be it in school, corporate world, events, or even in a person’s daily life. There are many valuable benefits in having logo lanyards.

Even in your daily life, you can take advantage of the neck lanyard. The product is best used for holding keys, pens, and a lot of different daily stuff, especially when you do not have a pocket for stowing them away. When you are a busy and active person, then having this neck strap will make you move more efficiently, since you do not have to reach into your pocket just to get your pen out.

Logo LanyardsIt is also through the strap of this ID holder that companies can market their brand. They can just have their company logo and name printed on the strap. The said lanyard can then be sold outside of the company or it can be exclusively used by the company’s employees. Either way, this is a great marketing material that most companies take advantage of nowadays to promote their name and brand.

Contests also take advantage of the said product. The said neck lanyard is suitable for holding the badges or medals that contest winners are awarded with. The design can either be a plain-colored one, a printed one, or one that has the logo of the contest or the sponsors of the event.

Workers will also be happy to have the logo lanyards. After all, they can use the strap to hold all of their valuable tools. There are cases when workers have many tools they need to bring personally but not enough pockets to put them in. The lanyard will come in handy this way. It can be used to hold flashlights, keys, and other small tools.

Government workers are also people who need to wear ID holders frequently. The government workers may work in the IRS, DMV, Social Services, or county clerk office. Whatever their posts in the government office are, they need to wear ID holders which they use to keep their ID cards. They can be easily identified as government workers and that they belong in government offices that way.

At times, you can see service industry workers wearing this particular neck strap. Examples of service industry workers who can use these neck straps are the bartenders, restaurant workers, and waiters. Workers need to use the logo lanyards to help customers identify who they should be going to for their concerns.

You can count on home service technicians to wear a neck strap as well. The ID lanyard are necessary to distinguish carpet cleaners, plumbers, appliance repair professionals, pool cleaning service providers, roofers, and electricians, especially when they are giving home service. When they arrive at your doorsteps, they should not only be wearing their company uniform. Their company issued ID should be visible on their person as well.

Mountain climbers knows that the lanyard is essential to their mountain climbing activity. In particular, they will need a decelerator lanyard strap. This is a mountain climbing-specific strap that can help prevent fall-related accidents. This strap is extremely durable and can save their life when climbing mountains. So, it’s not surprising for such individuals to go for the most durable logo lanyards.

When it comes to extreme activities, mountain climbers are not the only ones in need of a lanyard. The skiers and snowboarders require logo lanyards as well. A lanyard is what holds their ski lift pass. The durable neck straps can withstand extreme weather conditions so will not be easily destroyed when you are skiing or snowboarding.

People can enjoy many other benefits in using the lanyard. It is only natural to buy it if you want to enjoy its benefits. It should be worth your money.