Custom Embroidered Patches or Direct Embroidery

Custom Embroidered PatchesA lot of companies use custom embroidered patches for their uniforms in order to give their employees proper distinction and identification. Most designs include a name tag and the company’s log. However, there is another option other than sewing custom-made patches onto the uniforms, which is to have the logo directly embroidered on the garment. Is there a difference between the two processes? Which one is better? Find out more in this short article.

Custom Embroidered Patches

The use of patches has been practiced for many years. They have been used in military uniforms, school uniforms, sports jackets, and a host of other varieties. This is a popular technique that is used to promote brand names and recognize a wearer. Its use and application have actually evolved over the years.

These custom embroidered patches are just embroidered pieces of fabric. Designs vary, from logos, emblems, names, and other types of symbols. These patches can be applied to any kinds of apparel, and this versatility is what makes it popular not just to businesses, organizations, clubs, and schools, but also to individuals for their personal use.

These are highly customizable and are low maintenance. They can also be easy do-it-yourself projects since you don’t have to actually worry about what garments and fabrics to use as long as they match. Sewing the patches to the garments is easy, as well. They can be sewn by hand or with the use of a machine.

There are varieties that make use of Velcro strips, especially for military uniforms and scout uniforms so they can just transfer the patches from one uniform to another, thus, saving them from spending too much on the patches.

It is easy to find manufacturers. If you don’t have a design in mind yet, they can also help you with the design since the best patch providers offer consultation with their resident graphic designers. If you will be utilizing these patches to promote your products and you don’t have the logo yet, they would be able to help you design one that will be eye-catching to your prospective customers.

For the budget-conscious, most of them offer good discount deals, especially when you purchase in bulk.

There are patches that are considered collector’s items by most avid patch collectors. Examples are patches from famous sports teams, popular organizations, important events, charity and fund raising events, and even school patches. They can be considered as keepsakes. There are patches that have interesting stories behind them and these are what interest most collectors.

In some sectors, these custom embroidered patches are considered as status symbol, think military rankings and achievements here. There are military uniforms, also, that use patches for to indicate from which country they serve. They are either sewn permanently or attached with Velcro strips.

Employees proudly wear their uniforms with patches because they feel a sense of belonging, and if they work for a popular brand name, there is also a sense of pride in wearing their colors and logo.

Direct Embroidery

This is also a popular technique but not as versatile as the custom patches. They can be hand-sewn to the garments. The direct embroidery technique is common in the restaurant, corporate, and hospitality industries. Notice that the names of the restaurants and hotels are embroidered on their staff uniforms. Notice a chef’s uniform? Their names are embroidered as well.

It is advantageous because it allows easier movement on the wearer since it is part of the garment. There is also a smoother finish compared to the patches. However, this is more expensive.

If you have budget constraints and you want more versatility and practicality, your best option are custom embroidered patches.

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