Why Should Golfers Use Hybrid Clubs?

Hybrid clubs made an impression for their appearance over the past years. No doubt, their popularity will only continue to rise. During the Player’s Championship of 2007, Phil Mickelson won using hybrid golf clubs. Many other players on the PGA Tour are also using the hybrid type of golf clubs, which is clear indication that these clubs are popular among the most skilled players.

In 2007, a top golfing equipment brand claimed that 1/4th of the total wood sales came from hybrids. Interestingly, in 2004, only 7% of U.S. golfers carried a hybrid type of golf club. Today, it is now used by almost 1/3rd of U.S. golfers.

Why do golfers need to use hybrid type of clubs?

It’s because by using these clubs, a golfer can hit easier and there will be a higher ball trajectory. To fully understand this, a person should know more about these 2 things: the 24/38 ruling and the phenomenon of vanishing loft (a topic that remains frequently discussed among experts).

What is this 24/28 rule?

Golf club makers know this term very much. It basically means that a vast majority of golfers have the inability to hit the iron consistently within the 24-degree loft, as well as on the first 38 inches of the length. How does this happen? The phenomenon of vanishing loft is the answer to that.

Hybrid clubsWhat is this phenomenon all about? It’s about lowering down the parameters of iron clubs’ loft designs. Companies that sell golf clubs introduce new sets of items and promote the things that these new clubs could do better than the old ones. How did these companies manage to modify the club lofts and lengths into what they are right now? One main reason for that is their tendency to come up with loft designs that they think is best for the marketing department, especially given the lack of official standards about the golf club designs.

Why do hybrid clubs enable the ball to fly higher?

In using the hybrid type of golf club, the club’s CG or center of the gravity is on the farther back, unlike with other iron clubs in which the gravity is located slightly behind the club’s face. With a hybrid club, the ball can soar way up in the air. Not to mention, it is easier to hit balls using a hybrid club.

Should golfers purchase hybrid clubs?

Unless a golfer is very skillful in games where the rule of 24/38 doesn’t apply, the probable answer is yes. Even players on the PGA Tour who are not clearly bound by that 24/38 rule also use these clubs to aim for much higher shots in the air. For most golf players, the 5 iron is probably the longest among other irons that can be found in their bags. It is also advisable to replace the 3 or 4 irons with 3 or 4 hybrids because golfers cannot do proper and consistent hits with the former.

However, keep in mind that the hybrid replacements must have the same length, or at least half an inch longer, than the iron clubs that were meant to be replaced. Always replace the iron clubs with the equivalent hybrid counterpart. It’s not good seeing a ball that goes far when hit but creates a yardage gap because of only using a 4 hybrid for a 5 iron. Consider the distance that the ball will travel when using an iron club in relation to the distance that the ball will travel when using a hybrid club.

Try using hybrid clubs and see their great game-improving benefits.