Pawn in case of tight financial situation

PawnHard times come to everyone. It is a fact that there are understandable situations but are uncontrollable. There are times when you can no longer pay your monthly bills and other obligations such as water and electric bills, credit card balances, cable TV subscriptions, magazines, monthly installments on cars and appliances, real estate mortgage amortization, and many more. But before all of these, you should consider necessities like food, clothing, and medical care. Likewise, sending your children to school is an obligation you have to fulfill. The expenses include tuition fees, daily allowances, and transportation.

You may be doing everything but there are occasions that the money you have is not sufficient to meet your obligations. To get out of this difficult situation, you may consider several options. You may try borrowing money from relatives and friends but there is no guarantee that they can help you. Another option is to sell real estate properties or apply for bank loans. However, these may take a long process and involves voluminous documentation. Therefore, if you immediately need cash to lighten your burden, the best option is to go to a pawnshop and pawn your valuable articles.

Procedure in pawning

A pawnshop’s procedure in lending money is not as difficult as borrowing money from banks or other lending and financial institutions. All you have to do is go to the pawnshop and present your articles like necklace, earrings, rings, or watches. There are also pawnshops that accept gadgets like mobile phones and laptops.

The pawnbroker or pawnshop clerk will appraise your articles and set the amount that you can loan. If you agree with the amount of the loan, you will be asked to fill-out the pawnshop agreement or receipt. You may be asked to give some personal information in the agreement. It also states the terms and conditions of the loan. After filling out the agreement, you can get the cash you need.

Researching pawnshops

In choosing a pawnshop where to pawn your articles, it is advisable that you should make a research of the pawnshops that you have in mind. Relatives and friends who engaged the services of pawnshops in the past can give you good feedbacks on their experiences with those pawnshops. There are also available listings of reliable and dependable pawnshops that may help you decide.

Terms and conditions in pawning

After you have chosen the pawnshop where to pawn your articles, you may review the pawnshop agreement before making the final decision. The most important aspect of pawning is the interest on the loan. A high interest rate will most likely add to your burden instead of getting you out of your present situation.

Likewise, a convenient redemption period of your articles is important. Your pawning of your valuable articles is to relieve you of your present financial burden with the intention of redeeming them in the future. With a longer redemption period, you will most likely be able to redeem your valuables. You may also consider the service charges that may be cited in the agreement.

Selling the pawned articles

Pawn-shopThere are times when you may decide not to redeem your pawned articles for various reasons. However, even if you decided not to redeem your pawned articles, it doesn’t mean that you will lose them without any compensation. Remember that your articles were appraised lower than their true market value. In this case, you have nothing to worry because you can sell your articles to the pawnshop and receive additional cash.


If not because of your present financial situation, you will not pawn your valuable articles. Those articles may be your priceless possessions. You may have acquired those articles by saving your hard-earned money or may be given by people who are special to you. Therefore, it is important that they are secured and free from mutilation or theft while in the custody of the pawnshop.


There are many pawnshops to choose from. And one of them is cash4jewelrynow or the Metropolitan Pawnbroker. This pawnshop is in the business for over two decades now.

Cash4jewelrynow is equipped with competent personnel who could give you fair and honest appraisal of your articles to pawn. They were trained to render only the best services to their clients. The pawnshop’s reputation in the industry is enough to vouch for their honesty and good service.

This pawnshop offers you a low monthly interest rate of three percent with a redemption period of four months. They also offer good compensation for pawned articles that are no longer redeemed. Furthermore, your valuable articles are secured with cash4jewelrynow.


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