Portable storage containers are getting popular nowadays because of its convenience, affordability and reliability. Most uses them for relocating and sometimes for home storage purposes. However, we in Movable Container Storage believe that a portable storage container may also be very beneficial for business purposes because of its strength, security, versatility and other advantages.

containerOne business application of the portable storage container is it can be used as a portable office. Some people have jobs that would require them to travel from one place to another and may need portable or mobile offices. Portable offices are sometimes used by government offices especially during times of emergency. Construction companies will also benefit a lot from portable offices. Another would be film production companies. We in Movable Container Storages offers customization of purchased portable storage containers. We have transformed some to comply with specific requirements such as construction offices, bedrooms, restaurant etc.

Another application of portable storage containers would be storage and transport of equipment, office furniture and other business related objects. A lot of businesses such as construction and landscape require transport of equipment often.

Another application would be for storage purposes. Some businesses, especially those with small offices, need extra space for products, office furniture, office supplies and other equipment. An example for this would be boutiques. They would need to store their summer apparel during the winter and vice versa. A portable storage container would be perfect as a small warehouse as well. Such containers can also be used for storage of the farming industry.

Businesses may also use storage containers for relocation purposes.

Our containers are convenient for these purposes because of their:


movable containerOur portable storage containers are made of steel and can withstand impact and extreme weather conditions. Businesses need not worry of the contents of their portable storage containers because they will be safe inside. Heavy objects like construction and landscape equipment can also be stored and transported with our portable storage containers. Transport of necessary equipment such as construction equipment will now be easy and less time-consuming. Aside from the strength of its material, our portable storage containers also have easy opening swing doors which will facilitate packing and taking objects to and from the portable storage containers.


Our portable storage containers are also equipped with lock boxes. Security is very important for storage of business products and for portable offices. Some businesses may opt to keep important documents inside portable storage containers and rest assured they will be secured inside our portable storage containers.


You can rent or purchase one of our portable storage containers simply by calling us.

•Convenience and mobility.

Most of the business applications mentioned above would rely on portable storage containers being delivered exactly where and when it is needed. Luckily, we in Movable Container Storage can deliver portable storage containers right at your doorstep. And of course, portable storage containers are very useful since they can be transported from one place to another. This will be useful when businesses need a portable office, bring equipment or relocate.

•Can be rented or purchased.

Our clients have the option to rent or purchase our portable storage containers. If portable storage containers are only needed for a short period of time such as during renovation and relocation, rent may be the better option. Meanwhile, purchase will be the better option if you need the storage containers for long-term purposes such as for storage of products and for portable offices.

•Availability of different sizes.

Our portable storage containers comes in different sizes which allows you to choose the size which will perfectly suit your needs. If you want portable offices, you can choose the space of the room. You can choose the size of the portable storage containers that will fit all your equipment when you need to store and transfer. Aside from different sizes, our portable storage container also comes in different colors.

We deliver high quality containers at your door-step, where and when needed just go through www.moveablecontainer.com.