Fulfill Your Dreams With Silicon Wristbands

You’ve recently opened your own business, a gym, and you’re really excited about it. You’ve worked for years in a gym yourself and now you know everything about making the body healthy and fit regardless of the size and lifestyle of a person. You’re very good at it, but there’s one thing you’re not good at – promoting your gym.

It’s been a month since you opened your gym doors and so far, your clients only consist of your friends and some work buddies. Giving out flyers and putting up a dozen posters did not seem to work; what else could you do?

Silicon WristbandsThat’s where promotional items come in handy. There are lots out there – umbrellas, towels, mugs, pens, etc. But since you’re just starting, these items could put a dent on your income. They are a bit expensive, especially if you want them customized.

But there’s one item that can be customized based on your needs without burning a hole in your pocket, or cash register for that matter – silicon wristbands! For as low as $1.01 per piece, your dream business can be saved.

Silicon wristbands are the fad in advertising brands and/or products nowadays because of their versatility and usability. These wristbands are simple rounded bracelets made of 100% medical-grade silicon that can be customized based on the needs of a client. They can be printed on, colored, are waterproof, durable and most importantly, inexpensive. Excited to know more?

Standard silicon wristbands are ½-inch thick and 7.5-inch long. They would fit a regular adult perfectly. But there are other sizes available too – extra small for toddlers, up to extra large for big men. Since you’re running a gym, the best sizes to go with are medium to extra large.

Silicon wristbands are available in various colors and can be customized. Some come in single colors, while others are two-toned or segmented in two colors of your choice. There are also those with swirls of different colors.

Another customizable part of these wristbands is the mode of prints. Since the prints are the most important part of your promotional giveaway, you need to make sure that the print style would attract attention. Your choices for prints are debossed (in regular and painted or ink-filled), simple silkscreen and embossed (also in regular and ink-filled).

As mentioned earlier, these wristbands are affordable. Starting with the silkscreen print, a piece only costs $1.01. But if you buy in bulk, say 500 pieces per order, a piece could go as low as $0.41. Isn’t that great? However, since your business is just starting and you don’t really need so many wristbands at once, you can still order online because there is no minimum order required. And they’d still deliver your order to your doorstep for free!

Now you might be thinking: “Are silicon wristbands the right item to give out as promotional giveaway for a gym?” Of course! These wristbands are great for both genders and in fact, in the 90s, these were sported by basketball players. They were even labeled as Baller IDs. They were a big thing then that’s why big companies saw this as a great opportunity to cash in.

Convinced yet? Now would be the time to stop reading and start going through the numerous online wristband sellers and start looking into their products. For online solution go through the-wristband-factory.There are so many options to go through that you would need time to decide which seller to try. A piece of advice though – wholesale suppliers offer cheaper items so you might want to try looking into their websites first and get your free quote and art sample, ASAP!